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Handbook on farm impact assessment

Showcasing methods for evaluating, communicating and improving a farm’s environmental, social and economic outcomes

The guidebook is entitled „Farm impact assessment - Methods for evaluating, communicating and improving the farm’s environmental, social and economic outcomes“. It is indeed a shared challenge of our organisations to better measure and communicate on the impacts of the agroecological farms we work with. This 72p-guide presents a selection of 8 tools from various European countries which aim at assessing the impacts of farm on their local territory or more specifically on the environment (including climate). It also offers case studies of using these tools in the context of some of the farms our organisations work with, to analyse their strengths and weaknesses. This guide is a very practical resource to help farmers, access to land organisations and other rural organisations to have an overview of different tools and methods to assess farm impacts.
This publication was developed in the frame of the Learning Platform, an Erasmus+ European strategic partnership project.

Published: 03/2021
Format: PDF
Languages: English

Impact Assessment (A2L-Handbook) English

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