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Handbook on responsible farmland ownership (France)

Guide de la propriété foncière agricole responsable

This “Guide de la propriété foncière agricole responsable” is a handbook designed to engage with and support private owners of farmland. It aims to raise awareness of private owners, and provide information and advice to those of them who are seeking to develop a project for their land which is consistent with their values and desire to promote agroecology.

It explores in particular:

  • how to assess the value of one’s farmland and farm buildings
  • what are the options to use it and transfer it according to values, as well as to their personal and family situation.
  • options and implications of renting their land
  • options and implications of selling their land
  • opting for a community approach to land use and management.

This handbook funds a new area of work for Terre de Liens, that of working with and advising private landowners. It has been extremely well received internally and externally, and was presented during 2 multiplier events and several on-line and other outreach activities. It is also intended as a resource for rural organisations and public institutions who support and advise private landowners.

This publication was developed in the frame of the Learning Platform, an Erasmus+ European strategic partnership project.

Published: 06/2021
Format: digital and paper document
Language: French

Guide proprietaire (TDL) francais

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