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Guardians of the Land - Portraits of citizens committed to land and agroecology

New brochure for public engagement - available in various languages

"Guardians of the Land - Portraits of citizens committed to land and agroecology“ is a 44p brochure, showcasing 16 individuals from across Europe who are contributing their knowledge, time and energy to preserve farmland and support new agroecological farmers.

Thanks to its beautiful illustrated format, simple language, and availability in (soon) six languages, the booklet is easily accessible to people already supporting access to land initiatives, as well as the general public interested in food and farming.

It illustrates the various motivations and ways volunteers can actually support access to land initiatives: from supporting new peasant farmers and surveying available land, to monitoring biodiversity and soil health, or to awareness raising, fundraising or becoming a spokesperson.

The booklet also shows to policy makers and institutions that access to land is not just a technical topic that belongs to farmers, but actually touches and mobilises citizens in both rural and urban areas. Indeed, the way our land is used directly connects with food, but also with nature conservation, health, jobs, climate, etc.

This publication is one of the resource produced in the course of a three-year EU funded Erasmus + partnership: Setting up a learning platform for farmers’ access to land.

Published: 08/2021
Format: digital and paper document
Languages: English, French, Romanian, Spanish (Dutch and German to come soon)

ENGLISH version - Guardians of the Land
FRENCH version - Terriens
ROMANIAN version - Prietenii pamantului
SPANISH version - Cuidando la tierra


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