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Local Authorities Making Farmland Work for the Public Good

A new online handbook dedicated to local governments

The Access to Land Network released a new handbook to provide guidance for officials and staff of local governments on how to make a difference in the way agricultural land is used and shared, for the benefit of people and the planet.

Local action is key to a regenerative future. Land and access to farmland is an important element for building healthy local communities - one that often has been overseen in the past by political decision-makers. But land can be used for actively shaping policy and to strengthen local economies.

The present handbook is inviting local authorities to imagine the different roles they may take on with regard to land - no matter if they are land owners or not.

Packed with ideas, tools, and field-based examples, this 100% numeric resource is easy to navigate and well-illustrated. It hopes to inspire and enable many authorities to take action across Europe to protect farmland and make it work for the public good.

This handbook is a resource that is free of charge, for online consultation. Eventual adjustments can easily be made and it may evolve over time.

The handbook can be found here:

...or by navigating straight to its different chapters:

Quick glance at how local authorities can act on farmland

Owner Facilitator Regulator

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Local Authorities Making Farmland Work for the Public Good
published in 03/2023 as an online tool book. URL :
The publication is one of the resources produced as part of the four-year RURALIZATION project.

Below the infographics can be found as downloadable PDFs.

Infographics in English
Infographics in French
Infographics in German
Infographics in Dutch
Infographics in Catalan


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