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How to do financial accounting in a more sustainable way

A closer look to a tool developed in Germany - Richtig rechnen / Calculte it right!

Regionalwert AG is experimenting with innovative approaches for financial accounting taking environmental and social aspects into account. "Calculate it right” is the outcome of one of those experiments. This approach is key as it enables us to show the multiple positive and negative impacts of a farm in social, economic and environmental terms. It also enables us to show how to better connect with the accountancy surrounding farms. This approach has a lot of potential for the agricultural sector in Germany and the rest of Europe. Project partners were really interested to learn more, and Regionalwert AG wished to make this tool better known. This country pack therefore consists in the translation of the tool and its presentation for a non-German speaking audience. It offers the opportunity to extend the debate on alternative financial accounting across (linguistic) borders.

Published: 11/2019 (initial German version), 08/2020 (English translation)
Format: PDF
Language: English

Richtig rechnen / Calculte it right (RWAG) English


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