Access To Land

The Beginner’s Kit (v2.0)

A guidebook for setting up a land initiative and developing a land strategy

The Beginner’s Kit (official title „Access to land for agroecological farming – a guide for setting up a land initiative and developing a land strategy“) is a toolkit for all those who are thinking about starting a (local) land initiative or who are determined to do so. This 66p action guide offers tips, testimonies, and advice on how to start an initiative. It covers both the general aspects of how to set up an organisation (governance, business models, etc.) and the specifics of Access to land initiatives: land acquisition, working with farmers, etc. It also includes further resources on each topic.
The present toolbox is a revised 2nd edition, which was improved based on feedback received from a close group of users. It is likely to become one of the central resources of the A2L network.
This publication was developed in the frame of the Learning Platform, an Erasmus+ European strategic partnership project.

Published: 08/2021 (revised version 2.0)
Format: PDF
Language: English

Beginners Kit (A2L Handbook) English

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