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How can our organisations can assist with non-family farm transfers?

Rurbans from Catalonia recently published a practical handbook on this topic

“How our organisations can assist with non-family farm transfers?” Non-family agricultural and livestock farm transfers occur outside the family sphere, when the farm is transferred to somebody outside of the farming family. beginning at tertiary kinships concerning the transferor (T). This 33-p toolkit explores the realities of extra-familial farm transfers, the specific challenges they bring and how they can be facilitated by rural development organisations and other entities in Catalonia. It does so in a very practice-oriented way, including:

  • a review of what needs to be done in a preparatory phase
  • a step-by-step approach of engaging with both the transferor and the successor
  • tips and advice
  • a complete protocol and detailed annex (e.g. questionnaire for transferors) to help organisations get started on this issue.

This toolkit funds a new area of work for Rurbans, establishing its capacity and legitimacy to act on extra-family farm transfer. It is complemented by a video, a poster to raise awareness along retiring farmers and successors.

This practical tool is meant for rural development organisations, farmers’ unions, local authorities and other entities who are advising retiring farmers and / or successors. It was presented during an on-line multiplier event, as well as shared widely amongst Catalonian agricultural networks. Because this topic is relevant to many other partner organisations, and thanks to the very practical approach chosen here (step by step approach, protocol, questionnaire…), it was of interest beyond Catalonia and project partners decided to have it translated into English.

Published: 03/2021 (digital only)
Format: PDF
Language: Catalan & English

Non-family farm transfer guide (Rurbans) Catalan
Non-family farm transfer guide (Rurbans) English


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