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Xarxa de Custòdia del Territori

The Xarxa de Custòdia del Territori (XCT), (Land Stewardship Network in English) is a not-for-profit organization working to foster land stewardship as a conservation strategy for the natural, cultural and landscape resources and the values of Catalonia and its environment.

Established in 2003, the XCT is a second-level organization made up of over 150 associations, foundations, city councils, enterprises and persons working in the land stewardship network.

The XCT works in close cooperation with the Catalan government and the Ministry for the Rural and Marine Environments (Fundación Biodiversidad) to establish a legal and fiscal framework that is favourable for land stewardship.

Our strong points:

• Evolving right from the beginning: the XCT was established at the International conference on land stewardship at the Montesquiu Castle in the year 2000.
• Diversity of members within the XCT: the members (over 150) are very diverse and each and every one of them contributes their own views and cooperation to develop land stewardship.
• XCT working groups: made up by members who deal with specific issues. The first XCT groups are those for marine stewardship, the stewardship of rivers and agricultural stewardship.
• Networking: the philosophy and methodology behind the XCT generate benefits for each of its members and for the organization as a whole.
• Strengthening strategy: this is a permanent assessment and support programme to strengthen and improve the abilities of land trusts to undertake technical actions, management and financing.
• Involving citizens: we work to bring land stewardship closer to citizens. This is a key step for the future. For further information visit the website:

Main activities: Land stewardship ; Support for farmers ; Policy/ advocacy ; Ethical finance ; Land acquisition/ ownership ; Public education ; Farming ; Awareness raising ; New entrants

Geographical scope: Regional

Types of agriculture: CSA, AMAP, consumers co-operative ; Local supply chains ; Organic ; Peasant ; Biodynamic

Place: Sagrada Família, 7, 08500 Vic (Barcelona)
Creation Date: 2003
Web site:
Contact person: Jofre Rodrigo
Organisation's contact email address:

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