Access To Land

To foster the lobby and advocacy capacities of the A2LN

Access to land is a cornerstone of a European transition towards agroecological farming

This project will reinforce our cooperation on the European level with different actors. It will upskill practitioner organisations on how to engage with decision makers and build coalitions around land issues. It will also raise awareness on land issues on the European level, by reaching various audiences, from citizens to elected representatives. It is not only a project to train our organisations and the A2LN to advocate for better land politics but also a hands-on learning-by-doing experience for the partners, as we will actively stand up and campaign for more access to land in europe throughout the EU elections in 2024.

This project will consolidate the partner’s expertise on access to land issues in public policy and produce common methodological tools to analyse policy contexts. The partners will train practitioner organisations, networks and policy makers and build coalitions on European and transnational levels, with a focus on Eastern European cooperation. Finally they will develop a common narrative and communication materials to promote access to land issues during and after the EU 2024 elections.

If your organisation is active or interested in building up capacities on advocating and working together policy makers, don’t hesitate to contact us and take part on of our upcomming trainings.

Hannes Gerlof (Netzwerk Flächensicherung):
Cécile Duchier (Terre des Liens):

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