Access To Land

The land, a common good

A documentary on Terre de liens, directed by Luba Vink and Aurélien Levêque

Documentary, 2015, 52mn, in French, with English, Spanish, German, Portuguese or Polish sub-titles

Land as a common is an exploration of Terre de liens, an original organisation of the contemporary rural world. Through testimonies of various people involved in Terre de liens - farmers, board members, volunteers, staff members-, we discover an innovation in-the-making. Throughout the film, the farmers deliver their own vision of agriculture, land, and ownership, and describe the process that brought them to become tenant farmers of Terre de liens.

Through this documentary, we discover that Terre de liens is as much about farmers as about conscious consumers seeking direct relations with those who produce their food. Terre de liens offers them a very simple deal: invest in farmland, and you will have milk, vegetables, and other food produce ... available locally. Choose to invest your money in these farms to become privileged actors and witnesses of the agricultural world.

This documentary, is available in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Polish.

More information on the website of the film and on Cellulo Prod website.

View here the video in English. Or view the other language versions:

The land, a common good from Cellulo Prod on Vimeo.


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