Access To Land

The chase for land - The global business with fertile soils

A documentary directed by Chiara Sambuchi, featured on 3Sat TV Broadcast Station

Land is a fundamental human resource since the beginning of civilizations . Since the economic crisis from 2008, capital form the financial world started to be invested heavily in arable and grassland, because investors are looking more than ever for investments that will bring a safe return - and agricultural land has this potential.

Available land is in an ever decrease since the 60s - but the same there is a growing world population with increasing food needs. With shrinking supply, demand rises. What are the social consequences of the penetration of financial companies in agriculture not only globally, but also in Germany? Is their business with land ethical at all? And: Is there a possible way out? Since 2008, the lives of small farms, particularly in the former East Germany has become increasingly harder.

Also, the base price of land in Romania has risen to 172 percent of its original value in the past five years - but four million small farmers risk losing their livelihood, because their farms do not meet the EU standards. Not receiving any European agricultural subsidies means they can not compete with the large companies held by multinational investors. More and more small farmers leave their fields fallow and are seasonal workers, often in Germany, during the harvest season. A complete social system enters into collapse.

A documentary directed by Chiara Sambuchi, featured on 3Sat TV Broadcast Station. Read more on the movie on the 3Sat website (in German).


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