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Small farms and short chains

February 2017

This paper written by AIAB Lazio, Italy elucidates how in current socio economic environment, direct marketing or short chains prove to be a great alternative to the highly mechanised and extensively technical food market. With the ever increasing impact of supermarkets small scale farmers suffer huge losses. Small farms are already losing their worth and value in the current agribusinesses’ controlled food system, all around the world.

In this light, this paper opens up new horizon of Alternative Food Networks (AFN). The process of shortening the food chain is generally defined as Alternative Food Networks and in the recent times they are growing fast. A lot can be attributed to the fact that customers are losing faith in the industrial distribution systems and want to have more connection with their food. The paper supports and encourages short supply chain through different examples and information resources from Italy.

Learn more about the work of AIAB Lazio here

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  Small farms and short chains


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