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Small Farms, Commons and Land Grabbing in Romania

February 2017

In this paper, Eco Ruralis discusses how the common grazing lands are very crucial to the Romanian agriculture. Romania plays a pivotal role in European agriculture however there has been a significant decrease in the number of small scale farmers in Romania. With more people treating land only as a commodity and unjust land grabbing, the common grazing lands are depleting day by day.

The paper gives information regarding the types of common lands, their importance in Romanian small scale farming and the problems of land grabbing. Losing common grazing land is not only a threat to the small scale farmers, it also leads to the loss of biodiversity. Losing common lands causes unemployment, loss of livestock and thus poverty and economic inequality. Therefore it is necessary to pay heed to the issue of the access to land for the commons and find viable solutions.

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  Small Farms, Commons and Land Grabbing in Romania


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