Access To Land

"Setting up a Learning Platform for Farmers’ Access to Land"

New Erasmus Partnership 2018-21

This Erasmus + program brings a focus on practical tools and skills crucial for access to land organisations.

For the past six years, the Access to Land Network has organised knowledge- and experience-sharing, and the joint production of key thematic resources. Based on this past work, the growth of our organisations, and the emergence of very recent ones, we have identified the need to systematise a Learning Platform to :
 Create, centralise, and structure resources focused on practical tools and skills crucial for access to land initiatives.
 Build up the professional skills and knowledge of our organisations’ staff and volunteers who train, advise and support farmers and prospective farmers.
 Draw from peer learning and European added-value to consolidate and strengthen Access to Land initiatives who face new and increasing challenges (decline of family farming, rising land prices, low rates of generational renewal in agriculture, etc.).

Agroecopolis Hellas (Greece), AMPI (Czech Republic), De Landgenoten (Belgium), Eco Ruralis (Romania), Regionalwert AG (Germany), Rurbans (Spain), Soil Association (UK), and Terre de Liens (France) will collaborate in this three-year-long programme, launched in September 2018.


> Read about our first activity : we carried out a survey of needs of European access to land initiatives !

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