Access To Land

Scottish Farm Land Trust launch their first crowdfunder!

Support access to land for new farmers in Scotland

The Scottish Farm Land Trust (SFLT) have launched a crowdfunding campaign running until the 29th November to raise £10,000. The money will be used to employ a Development Worker to support SFLT to deliver Phase 1 of its business plan. This includes establishing a tenant selection and land matching process, identifying agricultural land that the Trust could acquire, developing a network of new entrants and partnerships with other organisations and getting the Trust ready for Phase 2!

Accessing land to start farming in Scotland is particularly hard due to the high concentration of land ownership, the high price of land, and low availability of agricultural tenancies. There is a huge need for practical ways to support access to land for new farmers wanting to shift agriculture to more agroecological models in Scotland.

To find out more about us and our crowdfunding campaign, watch our short video!

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