Access To Land


Here are suggestions of further reading, from public authorities, academics and practitioners. Most of them are available in Romanian and English.

Institutul National de Statistica - National Statistics Institute of Romania, Ancheta structurala in Agricultura 2013, National survey on the structure of agriculture.

Eurostat - Agricultural census in Romania, Data from November 2012

Agricultural Policy Perspectives - European Commission, Romania Fact Sheet, January, 2015

FAO Investment Centre - Emerging investment trends in primary agriculture. A review of equity funds and other foreign-led investments in the CEE and CIS region, FAO, 2013

World Bank - Structural change in the farming sectors in Central and Eastern Europe : lessons for EU accession, 2000

Douglas K. Knight - Romania and the Common Agricultural Policy, October, 2010

Transnational Institute - HOTL Hands Off The Land: Land concentration, land grabbing and people’s struggles in Europe, 2013

Sylvia Kay, Jonathan Peuch, Jennifer Franco - Extent of farmland grabbing in the EU, European Parliament Think Tank, 2015

Kaul Nurm, European Economic and Social Committee - Opinion on Land grabbing – a wake-up call for Europe and an imminent threat to family farming (own-initiative opinion), 2015

Szocs Boruss Miklos Attila, Rodriguez Beperet Maria, Srovnalova Alzbeta - Land Grabbing in Romania, Eco Ruralis fact finding mission report, 2015

Renee Giovarelli, David Bledsoe - Land Reform in Eastern Europe, The Rural Development Institute, 2001

Marioara Rusu, Violeta Florian, Monica Tudor, Mihai Chitea, Lorena Chitea, Elisabeta Rosu - Land related disputes and conflicts in Romania, Institute of Agricultural Economics, Romanian Academy

Baker-Smith Katelyn - Farm Succession in Romania. Who will take over the lands from an aging peasant generation ? - Eco Ruralis report, April 2016

News from country
New film: Land for our food
Just released! Our film The Land for our Food is a very concrete introduction to the challenge of land access in Europe and the power of communities.
Rabobank vs. Eastern European peasants: the land grabbing side of EU banking
In this article, Attila Szocs from Eco Ruralis reports about an investigation led by journalist Luke Dale Harris and Sorin Semeniuc about the activities of the Dutch banking giant Rabobank in Romania.

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