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Putting the ’fun’ in fundraising: a crowdfunding pilot from ALPA

ALPA was founded in 2018 to acquire land and farms through donations and investments and rent them to agroecological farmers who wish to maintain and develop Romania’s agroecological human scale agriculture.

ALPA crowdfunder: Andrei’s bike tour

In the summer of 2019, Andrei Girz, one of ALPA’s current volunteers, came up with a plan that would challenge himself and help the organization, so we had to give it a try. He was planning to travel by bicycle for 20 days from where he is based in Helsinki to Romania in order to see his family. He proposed to combine that adventure with a small fundraiser for the organization. Being aware that crowdfunding takes a concerted effort for which ALPA does not yet have capacity to organize, we agreed that the financial scope be a small one of 2000 Euros, without incentives. The money raised will be used for 3-4 months of the first ALPA staff member costs, in order to pave the way for more substantial work. One other fantastic volunteer, Liz Horn, set up the fundraiser page and kicked off a social media page for ALPA to follow Andrei’s journey and beyond.

Andrei, a creative millennial passionate about regenerative agriculture, documented his journey on a youtube channel in bilingual videos (Romanian, English); both bike trip aficionados and agroecological farming supporters can have something to learn from them. He was sometimes hosted at farms and managed to make interesting interviews with farmers, commenting on the type of agriculture he met along the way-the positive and negative examples. Andrei ended the journey in Stanciova village, Romania, at the homestead of Brindusa Birhala, one of the ALPA founders.

We are very grateful if you can contribute to the work behind ALPA, Romania’s first access to land for agroecology organization. You can donate to this small campaign until the 10th November. Follow the link:
Many thanks and fingers crossed!

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