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Learn about access to land through illustrated posters

Looking at Posters
Terre-en-vue asbl

During the seminar, a posters session enabled 13 participants to present their access to land initiative, by presenting a large-size posters.

The posters session covered initiatives from 9 countries, and a wide diversity of organisations and ways of working.

The main questions addressed in the posters included:
How does your organization contribute to land access? What are the keys to success of your project? Which were the main challenges and how did you solve them?

Please find here the booklet presenting all initiatives and most of the posters presented during the session. Every experience is important and it is a great oportunity for learning from each other!

Download documents

  Booklet presenting all posters’ abstracts   Poster ARVAIA   Poster Terre-en-vue   Poster Lurzaindia   Poster Terre de liens   Poster Toekomstboeren   Poster German Access to land Network   Poster ALPA

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