Access To Land

Newcomers in search of small farms

February 2017

Terre de Liens was established in 2003, in France to preserve farmland and facilitate access to land for organic and peasant farmers, particularly newcomers. In this paper they draw attention to the discrepancy between the demand and offer of land in France. Small farms are rapidly decreasing, mainly due to the financial incapability of a farmer to run his farm or an ageing farmer lacking a successor. On the other hand, there are many new entrants who lack access to land and therefore are discouraged to pursue farming as a vocation.

The paper is an attempt to help both the newcomers looking for a farmland and the established farmers based on the experience of Terre de Liens in France. It discusses various aspects of discrepancy between the demand and offer of land, for both the new entrants looking for farmland and the farmers looking for successors.

Learn more about the work of Terre de Liens here

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  Newcomers in the search of land -France


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