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New European alliances with local authorities

Making Farmland Work for the Public Good Seminar, Brussels March 2023

Members and partners of the Access to Land network are expanding their alliances with local authorities to put land at the service of the common good. Seven of them - Terre de Liens, Terre-en-vue, Shared Assets, De Landgenoten, Eco Ruralis, XCN and Kulturland - participated in the publication of a virtual handbook on March 15, 2023 that explores how local authorities can act as owners of agricultural land, facilitators of local land systems, and regulators of local tools to control land markets and rights. This 100% virtual resource has been built on the basis of interviews and case studies conducted within the framework of the RURALIZATION project.

The manual has already been widely disseminated at the European level, notably during a seminar organised by Access to Land in Brussels on March 23. This event brought together more than 70 people from seven countries – elected officials, technicians, public agencies, networks of local authorities, civil society and researchers – to discuss and reflect collectively on the means of promoting an agricultural and ecological transition in European territories.

We encourage you to read the summary of these inspiring exchanges downloadable in French and English at the bottom of this page. You may also access the seminar archive file with the powerpoint presentations of speakers, programme and pictures here.

"Farmland for Public Good"_Seminar_Summary
"Terres agricoles au service du bien public"_Séminaire_Résumé


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