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Local land strategies: legal tools and levers

La Bergerie de Villarceaux, France

Group photo _ Local Land Strategies Seminar, Sept 2019
Terre de Liens

September 2019 saw a major grassroots gathering of 90 participants from 17 European countries converge near Paris for 3 days of seminars on Local Land Strategies: legal tools and levers.

Co-organised by the European Coordination Via Campesina (ECVC) and Terre de Liens, together with the other partners of the Land Strategy partnership, the meeting was conceived as a way to share experiences and train a broad range of land activists about different forms of struggles and land mobilisations. It included presentations and testimonies from members of SOC (the Andalusian farmer workers union whose strategy is to occupy underutilised public land), representatives of the Larzac struggle, Notre Dame des Landes and the collective against the A45 motorway, members of Terre-en-vue and Terre de Liens working with local authorities, crowdfunding experiences from the German Land Trust Kulturland eG, the Belgian platform Occupons le terrain and other activists within organic agriculture.

The seminars also included contributions from legal and policy experts to help participants understand how national and international legal and policy tools can be best used to advance land struggles and strategies.

A main aim of the meeting was to also bring together and foster dialogue between these different forms of mobilization, in order to develop exchanges of experiences and complementarities. That dialogue now continues around the joint collaboration of a Handbook on Local Land Strategies, to be published in early 2020.

Read below the seminar report!

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