Access To Land


A tale of the historic struggle of the Larzac farmers

Documentary by Christian Rouaud, 2011, 118mn, in French, with English sub-titles – distributed by mk2

Poster_Tous au Larzac
Christian Rouaud & Ad Vitam

Marizette, Christiane, Pierre, Léon, José are just some of the people involved in the incredible struggle of the peasant farmers of Larzac, united against the French State, to keep their land and continue farming.

This documentary relates the story of the 10-year long struggle for justice and freedom. A determined and happy fight, which led to the establishment of a farmland community trust securing land for farmers and local inhabitants. But sometimes also a difficult and dangerous one.

It all began in 1971, when the French government decided to extend a military camp over the local farmers’ land. Enraged, their anger spread like wildfire. The peasant farmers mobilised and committed never to give up their land. In daily face-to-face contact with the army and the police, they found innovative and imaginative ways to make their voices heard. Soon hundreds of Larzac committees were born all over France ... Ten years of resistance, collective intelligence and solidarity, with only tractors and sheep to defend themselves. More than ever, Larzac is alive!

Released in 2011, this documentary of a major French and European struggle for land is now available in English.

Watch the trailer here (with English sub-titles).

Read the full presentation of the documentary (in French).

Contact mk2, the distribution company, if you would like to buy the rights to view or screen the documentary.


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