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Landlife Manual on land stewardship


Caring together for nature: Manual on land stewardship as a tool to promote social involvement with the natural environment in Europe

This manual, published in 2013, is the first hands-on publication about land stewardship in Europe. It is not only the result of the LandLife partners’ experience , but also the experience of many organisations and professionals who are working with land stewardship in Europe.

Land stewardship promotes the idea that nature and biodiversity conservation is compatible with human activity, encouraging the involvement of people who work in and know their landscape. At the core of land stewardship lies the principle of co-responsibility in the management of natural resources. As an approach and as a legal strategy, land stewardship can be considered an innovative model for land access.

Land stewardship in Europe is embedded in a wide diversity of contexts and realities. This manual aims to show this variety by presenting a wide range of case studies, which reflect the different approaches that have developed in Europe and the rich mechanisms, which are adapted to respond to local and regional contexts.

The manual provides recommendations and ideas to start land stewardship agreements or to improve existing ones from both technical and legal perspectives. In this sense, the manual is intended for a wide range of public: landowners, land users, public and private organisations and even the general public (citizens), willing to implement the values promoted by land stewardship: the involvement of all sectors is key to ensure the success of any nature and biodiversity conservation initiative.

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