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Land policies and agrarian reforms


The Proposal paper on land policies and agrarian reforms is based on discussions conducted by aGter with researchers, development workers and representatives of farmers’ organisations.

This paper was designed to help small farmers’ organisations and people working on this issue around the world gain an overall view of the problems involved and identify rewarding experiences in contexts that may be very different from their own, and for which information is not readily available.

This paper considers the main current debates on the issue of land in rural regions, and particularly explores how to secure the rights of land users. It then puts forward 4 major policy proposals:
 Rehabilitating agrarian reform in the case of very inequitable access to land
 Regulating land markets and managing land structures
 Thoroughly decentralising the mechanisms for administering individual property rights
 Setting up decision-making bodies for managing common resources at the territorial level

The paper also presents a range of case studies and interviews with resource
persons illustrating various aspects of land reform and policies.

This English version is based on a French paper written in 2002. See the document on aGter website

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  Land policies and agrarian reforms


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