Access To Land

Kulturland eG: a citizen cooperative to secure famland

An interview with Titus Bahner, a founder of Kulturland eG

In this video, Titus Bahner describes the start and development of Kulturland eG, a citizen cooperative established in 2013 to secure farmland and entrust it to community-connected organic farmers. He also presents the work of Kulturland eG, against the backdrop of rising land concentration and speculation in Europe.

Economist, and project developer in rural areas, Titus Bahner is also executive Board member of Kulturland eG. He edited the 2012 study on Releasing the true value of land: The Land Market and new Forms of Ownership for Organic Agriculture.

This interview has been conducted during the European Rural Sustainability Gathering 2017 “Social economy, cooperatives and grassroots initiatives in rural Greece”, organised by Forum Synergies and the Development Agency of Karditsa in May 2017, in Plastira Lake, Greece.

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