Access To Land

KGT-bankruptcy: Give the fields to small and medium scale farmers

The KGT AGRAR, with more than 45.000 cultivated hectares in Germany and Lithuania one of the biggest European agricultural companies, is about to be liquidated.

In the beginning of July 2016 the company communicated their bankruptcy. Maria Heubuch, German member of the European Parliament, who also commissioned a report on the Sellout of Europe’s agricultural land commented that the KTG land should be allocated to little and medium-sized farms.

State and federal governments that have been leasing and selling land to KTG have to act according to the interests of the society, in this case: access to land for food sovereignty.

Friedrich Ostendorff from the German Green party underlined that farmland is diminishing and that we have to ban speculations on land. The insolvency of KTG is an opportunity for helping peasants and organic agriculture by reallocating the land – including to newcomers.


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