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Seminar and Conference - 19-21 June 2017, Brussels

Evidence from farmers, rural development organisations and experts shows that access to land is a significant obstacle for farmers in Europe, as well as being the primary obstacle to entering farming.

Europeans need new farmers to produce good food, feed our communities, foster rural development and take good care of our environment.

Throughout Europe, we are witnessing the emergence of social innovations which support farmers in securing land to enter farming or to consolidate their farm businesses. Over the past few years, organisations – coming together in the Access to land network – have mapped good practices and explored core issues related to access to land. These issues include how to open up land for new entrants, the role of local authorities, and available legal tools for land tenure and stewardship.

Bernabei Farm, Italy
Marta di Pierro

Since 2014, nine of these organisations have been working together in the European Commission Erasmus+ supported partnership on Access to land for a new generation of agroecological farmers.

On the 19th and 20th June, we will convene practitioners from around Europe for a two day seminar on the topic of access to land for agroecology.

Following these two learning days, on 21 June (9:00-13:00), we will host a conference where innovative practices, land access challenges and positive policy levers will be shared and debated. The conference will address the question what policy measures may support the spread of best practices and what policy changes may be needed.

We would be pleased for your attendance and participation at these events.

Check the full programme below for the Seminar and the Conference.

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  Seminar Program 19th & 20th June 2017   Conference Program 21th June 2017

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