Access To Land

Invitation – Call for ideas

Outreach for topics to be discussed in a 2022 webinar series (spring and autumn)

Since 2020, members of the Access to Land network have organised a series of webinars to present some of our publications, explore practical topics or present and debate policy issues.

Webinars on practical topics, for instance, explore how to assess environmental, social and economic impact of agroecological farms, crowdfunding, farmland acquisition, or managing donations in an access to land context.

Webinars on policy issues, which took place in two consecutive series in 2020 and 2021, addressed access to land for the youth, local land mobilisation, building national coalitions for land policy reforms, and the EU policy framework on land issues. These were organised in collaboration with some of our close partners: European Coordination Via Campesina, Urgenci, Transnational Institute and IFOAM EU.

The feedback on webinars was positive – it is a “good way to tackle issues from different sides”, be presented with “new perspectives” and “easily involve new people and new organisations”.

Therefore, there is a plan to organise another series of webinars in 2022. The idea is to tie in with and expand on topics that have already been included in previous webinars or to address other topics that are relevant to you. We are planning 2 sets of three webinars (April to June and September to November – every 3rd Thursday a month, 15-17h).

This could be by way of debate around specific topics with three to five speakers or alternatively, could be used a presentation of an in-depth concrete project to which one or two representatives are invited to present their project and to answer questions from the audience.

Currently we are looking for your ideas….

  • for topics to be potentially discussed
  • for concrete projects or initiatives to be featured
  • for people as speakers that would be valuable to be invited and that would be interesting to talk to.

Your feedback is really important in order to make this webinar series useful and successful. Please share your thoughts and ideas – quick ideas or even more elaborated ones – please get in touch with r.bohlke [at] terredeliens [DOT] org or via the contact form (ideally before the end of Feb. 2022).


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