Access To Land

How to plan a viable small farm?

February 2017

Associació Rurbans-School of Shepherds has more than 7 years of experience in bringing together young people from different backgrounds who have strong vocation to receive training in organic sheep rearing. The paper is a result of the experience of Rurbans and it takes the reader through various planning and decision making steps in starting a farm.

Access to land is a crucial resource for a new entrant in farming but apart from land, there are several other aspects that needs to be taken care of when planning to become a small scale farmer. The paper explains what are the most important things to be taken care of before and after starting a farm. The viability of farm is only possible with proper planning and if the planning is not efficient and effective it can lead to failure of pilot farming project.

Learn more about the work of Associació Rurbans here.

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  How to plan a viable small farm?


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