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FarmTrain to depart soon!

A new Erasmus + experience sharing partnership

Access to Land network members and close partners AMPI (Czech Republic), Eco Ruralis (Romania), Agronauten (Germany) and Agroecopolis (Greece) are setting out on an innovative Erasmus+ funded project: FarmTrain.

Mentoring on Lukava Farm, Czech Republic

The FarmTrain project not only provides training for new farmers but also for established farmers willing to become mentors for a new and diverse generation of food producers. The project will run for 28 months starting on the 1st of October 2019. Through the project, newcomers can learn agroecological farming on mentors’ farms, but also on newly developed training farms. The novelty of this project is its content - aiming to produce educational material of various types:

The FarmTrain pass: a short guide for farmer-mentors and for agroecology learners on how to organize their sharing of experience in the context of a farm
The FarmTrain itinerary: learning modules shaped according to the needs of mentor- farmers with a set of practical worksheets for interns on how to collect practical information
European FarmTrain Platform: an online space providing an environment for agroecological farmers to share their experience with this new interactive way of teaching on training farms, difficulties they are facing, and the solutions they have found. FarmTrain Platform will also serve as a matching platform between established farmers and newcomers.

All materials will be translated in the languages of the project partners. FarmTrain aims to include newcomers interested in food production from various types of backgrounds, including refugee backgrounds.

For more information, please contact the project leader AMPI


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