Access To Land

Farm Succession in Romania

April 2016

Who will be the next generation of farmers and keepers of precious Romanian lands? Whether as a result of landgrabbing or aging peasantry, small, agroecological farms are disappearing.

The new Eco Ruralis report explores the urgent issue of farm succession in Romania.

At the beginning of the report the reader is introduced to the current situation regarding the ’aging peasantry’ problem with a specific focus on Romania and also adding to the discussion the matter of ’Farm Succession’. The following part points out the consequences of disappearing small family farms, with a special focus on food and land sovereignty and the rise of the land grabbing phenomenon in Romania.

The significant benefits of small-scale farming and intra-family farm succession are presented in a holistic way, focusing on the social, environmental and economic benefits.

After addressing the obstacles faced by peasants, the report focus on the positives, highlighting good practices and examples from Romania and other regions from all over the world.

The study ends with important recommendations particularly based on the FAO’s Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests.

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  Farm Succession in Romania. Who will take over the lands from an aging peasant generation?


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