Access To Land

"Collaborative Learning About Innovative Land Strategies"

Erasmus Strategic Partnership 2018-20

A new Erasmus + programme to build and disseminate strategic knowledge about land strategies for agroecology and food sovereignty.

This partnership reunites European and national level organisations working in various fields : peasant farming (European Coordination Via Campesina, Eco Ruralis), organic farming (IFOAM EU), community-supported agriculture (Urgenci), community land initiatives (Terre de Liens and Real Farming Trust), and research and advocacy on natural resource politics (Transnational Institute).

Our organisations are united by a common thrust : realising food sovereignty and developing agroecological farming systems, both at the grassroots and policy level. The aim of the project is to build and disseminate knowledge about experiences, struggles, innovations, and strategies to promote access to land for agroecology and food sovereignty. This two-year programme, launched in September 2018, also aims at drawing lessons to be shared with key stakeholders and policy-makers.


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