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Change of hands

An exploration of Terre de liens new ownership model, directed by Luba Vink and Aurélien Levêque

Documentary, 2015, 66mn, in French, with English or Spanish sub-titles

Change of hands is an exploration of Terre de liens, an original organisation of the contemporary rural world. Terre de liens experiments new ways to secure land for agroecological farmers, through mobilising citizens and crowdfunding.

The documentary explores the vision and practice around new forms of land ownership: what does it mean to "own land collectively"? What does it mean to be a farmer of a collective landowner such as Terre de liens? How can we change things while being part of the land market, functioning according to capitalism principles? How to associate enterprise and associations, the activist world and the economic one?

The film-makers chose to immerse themselves for 2 years in Terre de Liens in order to really understand its operations and main challenges. Their objective was to give the opportunity to the Terre de Liens movement to express itself. The documentary richly shows the diversity of viewpoints at play, and an innovation in the making.

This documentary, is available in French, English and Spanish.

More information on the website of the film and on Cellulo Prod website

Luba Vink and Aurélien Levêque have also realised another documentary on Terre de liens: The land, a common good.

View here the trailer in English or in French. Original title: Changement de propriétaire

Change of hands - Trailer from Cellulo Prod on Vimeo.

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