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The Università Agraria di Allumiere - literally "the agrarian university of Allumiere" - is the local body managing the largest commons area - or what we call usi civici - in Italy: about 5,500 Ha in Latium Region, with properties located in the municipalities of Allumiere, Civitavecchia, Santa Marinella and Tolfa.

The "agrarian universities" are forms of association of citizens - otherwise known as commonalities, partecipanze, agricultural associations - still existing in various regions of Italy and representing vestiges of a bygone era when collective property were stil widely present. Back in the past, the Università Agrarie had quite conspicuous functions, nowadays they are just related to the management of local commons.

The Università Agraria di Allumiere manages all the property according to the legislation for public use, In economic terms, the Università is mainly a farm: livestock - 43% of land devouted to pastures - organic fodder, cereals and more (14% of farmland is managed according to the organic legislation). Almost 3000 ha are covered by woods.

The Università Agrarie are an important actor in the field of access to land for two reasons: - first of all, they represent a form of ownership other than private reminding us that the latter is not the only one available;
 furthermore, they are a vast amount of land in Italy: over three million hectares of woods and pasturelands and more than 250.000 hectares of farmland (According to Terre Collettive ed usi civici tra Stato e Regione Atti del convegno della Regione Lazio, Fiuggi 25-26-27 ottobre 1985).

Scope of the initiative:: Single farm or site ; Regional ; National ; Local ; International

Types of activities: Land stewardship ; Support for farmers ; Policy/ advocacy ; Ethical finance ; Land acquisition/ ownership ; Public education ; Farming ; Awareness raising ; New entrants

Types of agriculture: CSA, AMAP, consumers co-operative ; Local supply chains ; Organic ; Peasant ; Biodynamic

Types of agricultural activities: Agriculture (plants) ; Mixed farming ; Breeding (animals)

Types of landowners: Other Land Trusts ; Ethical companies ; Other non-profit organisations ; Churches ; Public owners ; Private owners ; Commons ; Other ; Community Farm Land Trusts


Allumiere, Civitavecchia, Santa Marinella and Tolfa - Latium Region

Land Size:

About 5.500 hectares

Land Owner:


Users of the land:

Citizens - Università Agraria

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    wild livestock in Allumiere usi civici

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