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Affording our Land


This guidebook was prepared by Greenhorns, a US grassroots organisation, whose mission is to promote, recruit and support young farmers in America. Te purpose of hthis guidebook is to interpret the landscape of options available to young and beginning farmers who wish to access land and credit for starting farm businesses.

Starting with a history of land access in the United States of America, it then explores both traditional and more creative ways of acquiring land. Short-term leases, long-term leases, purchases, creative ways of transitioning business ownership, and trusts are all covered, amongst others, along with helpful tips and resources for further research. It finishes with questions relating to funding, both traditional sources of financing, including government money and programs, and more alternative ways.

Albeit developed for an American audience, this guidebook has a wealth of resources, ideas and practical tips for European farmers and grassroots organisations as well!

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