Access To Land

Access to land for new entrants: innovative ways to enter farming and secure land

September, 2018

Our organisations’ experiences in advising and supporting new farmers highlight the considerable hurdle of accessing land for farming. Access to land is now widely recognised as the number one obstacle to entering farming in Europe. Yet, the situation remains little-known and little-studied.

This report compiles analyses of the situation for new farmers and their access to land in Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Romania and the United Kingdom. It also presents a number of new farmers, to highlight their diverse backgrounds, difficulties and pathways into farming.

These portraits illustrate various ways in which they access land, often with the support of farmers’ organisations or various civil society movements. The report ends with a an overview of novel ways to facilitate access to land for farming and with a specific focus on farm incubators, one of growing innovations to help new farmers establish.

Read "Europe’s New Farmers" to learn about innovativeness, dedication and enthusiasm of new farmers and the organisations that support them!

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  Europe’s New Famers: Innovative ways to enter farming and acess land

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