Access To Land

Access to Land in Eastern Europe

Alunisu, Romania

What is the land situation in Eastern European countries?
What can we learn from local land struggles and innovations?
Which tools are needed to strengthen the land and food sovereignty movement in the East?
What vision to reform and transform access to land in Eastern Europe?

Global trends of land grabs, land concentration, and disappearance of farmland manifest differently at local, regional, and national level. The partners of the "Land Strategies" Erasmus project (2018-2020) wish to learn collaboratively about these trends and also about innovative land strategies to strengthen agroecology and the food sovereignty movement in Eastern Europe.

The March 12th and 13th seminar in Alunisu, Romania, therefore aims at:
> Building and disseminating knowledge about the land situation in various Eastern European countries.
> Organising a multi-stakeholder exchange and strengthening alliances on the issue of access to land in Eastern Europe.
> Reflecting and laying the groundwork for future policy and advocacy work for access to land in Eastern Europe.

Download the provisional event programme below for more details on activities and registration.

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  Access to Land in Eastern Europe_2019_Programme

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