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A new tool for promoting resilient, local food systems

Launch in Paris, France - 10 October 2019

PARCEL: a new on-line tool for promoting resilient, local food systems

On 10 October 2019, Terre de Liens, the French Federation of Organic Farming (FNAB) and the activist think-tank BASIC launched a new tool to promote resilient, local food systems.

This new online modelling tool - PARCEL (for Promoting resilient, civic local food systems) - was conceived as an engagement tool, to enable consumers, citizens, inhabitants, civil society organistions, and local authorities to better understand how the forms of farming and farm land use directly impact jobs, food provision, and the environment.

PARCEL helps build and illustrate different scenarios, at a local, national or regional level. Users can change different variables:
- the distance between production and consumption of food produce,
- the type of farming (partial or total organic production), and
- the type of diets (more or less meat consumption).

They can then observe how a change in one or several of these criteria directly impact local farming, communities and climate change. For instance, if France was to relocalise all food production, shift to organic production, and reduce its meat consumption by 25%, it would double the number of farmers and reduce its carbon emissions by 30%.

PARCEL shows that it is possible to transition our food and farming systems in a way that will be beneficial for the climate, the environment, rural development, and the urban/ rural connection.

The PARCEL tool is available on-line for all to use:

Terre de Liens, FNAB and their colleagues will use it to engage particularly with local councils and other local decision-makers, especially in the run-up to the next Municipal elections, due in March 2020.

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