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A guide for setting up a land initiative and developing a land strategy

New publication!

The Access to Land Network has launched a new guide for access to land initiatives. Written by members of the European Access to Land Network, as part of a European Erasmus + partnership focused on developing a Learning Platform for supporting access to land for agroecology in Europe, the guide is a direct result of a key resource need identified during the 2018 survey of European land initiatives.

Prépetit Farm Walk, Terre de Liens
Sylvain Cosson, Terre de Liens

The first part sets out the practical aspects which new access to land organisations may need to consider, from defining goals and objectives to business planning, legal form and governance. Illustrated with real-life examples from access to land organisations, this is a practical handbook to help new groups get underway and benefit from the experience of those who have already been through the process.

The second part brings more advanced information on how to develop access to land activities, buying farmland and working with farmers. It offers insights in how to work with landowners, both public and private, and how to engage local communities. Experiences from members of the Access to Land Network and others are included throughout offering practical advice and inspiration. Finally, the guide also introduces a land stewardship or nature conservation approach.

A second edition will be published next year adding further resources – including learning packs on public engagement and on the impact assessment tools for agroecological farms – from the Learning Platform project.

We are eager to receive feedback on this version – please send comments and feedback to: Petra Tas petra[@] We look forward to hearing from you.

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  Beginners’ Kit: a guide for setting up a land initiative


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