Access To Land

A crowd-investing platform designed for community-funded and commons projects is a crowd-investing tool specifically designed for community-funded and commons projects, especially social, environmental and agriculture-related projects. It is not a classical crowd-investing platform, but rather a tool which allows the user to manage their own campaigns, mobilizing their own communities, using their own URL.

In collaboration with Kulturland Genossenschaft, the founders of have organized two trial campaigns for community supported farms (CSAs) in Germany. The first campaign raised more than 1 million Euros ( within one month. The second campaign has raised 300.000 Euros after 3 weeks (

The goal is to fund the platform on a solidarity-based funding model and make it available to any project or community regardless of economic circumstances. Up to this point, the platform has been funded through grants, donations and a lot of unpaid hours by the founders.

Early 2019,’s founders aim to register the platform as a purpose company (


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