Access To Land
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Land struggles in Andalusia, Spain
"Turning unproductive latifundia into worker's cooperatives on public land"

A new case study of our case study series on Access to land has just been released. It is entitled "Andalusia: a recent history of land issues and struggles. From unproductive latifundio to workers’ cooperatives on public land".

This document covers three dimensions:
 an analysis of recent land issues in Andalusia, and their connection with rural poverty, as well as a description of an attempted land reform,
 the presentation of the Farmworkers’Union (SOC) and its role in land struggles in Andalusia, and
 the description of three land occupations, organised by the SOC, which have enabled daily labourers and farm workers to claim access to land and make a living out of previously abandonned or under-used land.

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