Access To Land

Xarxa de Custòdia del Territori

Promoting land stewardship in Catalonia and in Europe

Key facts and figures
  • An umbrella organisation composed of over 160 associations, foundations, city councils, enterprises and persons working for land stewardship
  • 634 land stewardship agreements, covering over 62000 hectares of land, i.e. 2% of Catalan territory (2012)
  • XCT works in close cooperation with the Catalan government and the Ministry for Rural and Marine Environments (Fundación Biodiverdidad) to establish a legal and fiscal framework that is favourable for land stewardship.
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Spain / Focus on Catalonia

Jofre Rodrigo
Carrer Sagrada Família, 7
(Universitat de Vic)
08500 Vic

Phone: +34 938 866 135


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