Access To Land

What we do

Our organisations work together to strengthen practical knowledge - on both problems and solutions - in the field of access to land for agroecological farmers. We thereby aim to promote the emergence and consolidation of grassroots initiatives, working towards securing access to land and land stewardship, as well as fostering a broader evolution of national and EU policies and regulations on land use and management.

Our main activities


Presentation of Terre-en-vue, founding meeting, 2012
Valérie Rosenwald, TDL

Since 2012, we have shared experiences among participating organisations to learn about various background and country-specific issues, as well as to learn from each other about diverse approaches and tools. We organise multilateral or bilateral field visits to discover how parter organisations funkyion and their working processes. We also jointly explore specific issues (e.g. raising funds for farmland acquisition) through workshops and seminars. We try to share these resources beyond the members of the network, by making them available more broadly (e.g. on this website!) and directly supporting the emergence of like-minded initiatives.

Communication and awareness-raising

Germany, Presentation during a project meeting, 05/2013
Regionalwert AG

We are developing a series of educational tools to inform our members, other civil society organisations, policy-makers and the general public about the challenges faced by agroecological farmers in securing land, and the consequencesfor food systems, environment protection or territorial balance.
These include presentations, videos, photographs, notes as well as this website.
Keep an eye out, as it will be regularly updated!

Research and documentation

Cover Case studies Series, 2011
Cécile Dubart, TDL

For years, some of our organisations have been involved in researching and documenting good practices and innovations in the field of access to land. We have documented a number of case studies to illustrate the wealth of European experiences which are helping to develop new forms of socially and environmentally responsible farming; innovative ways of securing access to land; and stronger connections with local or broader communities.
Visit our resources section to find case studies made by our member organisations and some of our partners.

Networking and advocacy

Sjoerd Wartena, TDL, talking at a Demeter Conference, 2012
Demeter international

Our organisations are sharing resources and analyses with their local partners, in order to encourage local collaboration and networking to address access to land issues. We are also collaborating with a range of European-wide organisations which are actively pushing for the transition towards agroecology, peasant farming, lively rural areas, balanced territorial development, and environmental protection. We share with them our experience and perspectives on access to land and related issues.

Some of our activities are developed with the support of pluriannual EU-funded programmes (Erasmus + partnerships, Horizon 2020). We are currently engaged in an Erasmus+ programm. Through this partnership we not only train our members to advocate nationally, but also actively campaign for better EU-Politics on Land amid the EU-Elections 2024.

See also our past programmes:
Erasmus+ Partnerhsip Collaborative Learning About Innovative Land Strategies
Horizon 2020 Partnership RURALIZATIONErasmus+ Partnership Learning Platform on supporting farmers’ access to land
Erasmus + Access to Land Partnership (2014-7)
Grundtvig Learning Programme (2012-4)

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