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They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Through this section we are aiming for millions. Access to land connected issues and good practices have made the subject of numerous documentaries and video reports. Here we would like to showcase inspiring videos and webinars about successful access to land stories as well as eye opening documentaries about land issues limiting equitable access to this valuable resource.

Lights off, happy viewing!

Our film: The Land for our Food

This road movie follows Gavin Bridger, a young UK farmer from a community supported agriculture project, after his farm has been ordered to leave their land. Gavin then sets out on a journey across Europe to meet farmers and organisations who are adressing land issues. Available in English, Romanian, Italian, French, German, Czech, Spanish and Catalan.

Other films worth watching!

Films presenting the work of some of our member organisations, and a range of contexts and issues.


Webinars from the Access to Land Network members and partners presenting a range of perspectives and stories on access to land issues, mobilisations, and policies.

Farmland for Public Good Video Series

Local action is key to a regenerative future. Local authorities have a variety of ways to make a difference on land, even when resources are tight. Check out our videos to learn more about the type of actions local authorities can take on land.

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For our 10th anniversary - a film about the A2LN
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Videos & Webinars

For our 10th anniversary - a film about the A2LN

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