Access To Land


Facilitating access to land for agroecological projects and managing farm land as a common good.

Key facts and figures
  • Non-profit launched in 2011, cooperative launched in 2012 & foundation in 2015
  • As of Sept 2022 : 3.300 shareholders, 5.680.000€ in capital
  • 32 farms supported in their access to land + multiple facilitations between owners and farmers
  • In 2021, 171 contacts with farmers seeking access to land or counsel
  • In 2022, TEV acquires its first farm buildings, scaling up its support (limited to farm land up until then)
  • 13 team members
History and mission Legal status Activities Results so far

Terre-en-vue ASBL & SCRL FS
37, Chaussée de Wavre
B-5030 Gembloux



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Other members
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