Access To Land


Facilitating access to land for agroecological projects and managing farm land as a common good.

Key facts and figures

- NGO launched in 2011 & cooperative company launched in 2012
- 800 shareholders with a capital of 700.00 €
- More than a thousand supporters of the NGO
- 3 finalised ownership projects, 4 in progress involving 20 farmers in total
- 2 finalised stewardship projects, 1 in progress and several in the preparatory phase involving 10 farmers in total
- What’s new? TupperTerre, a meeting platform for farmers and landowners
- What’s in the pipeline? A brand new foundation that will support the other Terre-en-vue branches.

History and mission Legal status Activities Results so far

Terre-en-vue ASBL & SCRL FS
37, Chaussée de Wavre
5030 Gembloux


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