Access To Land

Terra franca

Terra franca promotes the establishment of fair and long-lasting relationships between owners and tenant farmers, to ensure that the expectations of both parties are met through a mutual commitment to land use.

Key facts and figures

 6 properties under negotiation
 10 farmers willing to start working on those properties
 Creation of a fund to finance land rental, in partnership with COOP57, a Cooperative of Financial Services (in planning phase)

History and mission Legal status Activities Results so far
Spain / Focus on Catalonia


Other members
In Spain
> Rurbans - School of Shepherds
> Xarxa de Custòdia del Territori

> De Landgenoten
> Terre-en-vue
> BioBoden Genossenschaft
> Kulturland eG
> Regionalwert AG
> Terre de liens
> Biodynamic Land Trust
> Real Farming Trust
> Soil Association
> Eco Ruralis
> Nadace Pro půdu (NPP)