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Rurbans - School of Shepherds

An association to rejuvenate Pyrenean mountainous areas and foster a new generation of shepherds

Key facts and figures

Since 2009:
 6 classes have completed courses at the School,
 116 people have been trained to become organic farmers,
 271 applications to enter the school have been received,
 91 farmers have participated as tutors
 64% of those trained go on to become established as organic farmers or shepherds and a further 7% become involved in the primary sector.
 The training course is recognised by the Catalan Department of Agriculture and gives qualified students eligibility for EU young farmers’ subsidies.
 The school offers a comprehensive advisory service to former students with the aim of consolidating their projects.

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Spain / Focus on Catalonia

Associació Rurbans
Vanesa Freixa
Crta. C13 km. 131 . 25594 Rialp

Phone: +34973620977


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