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Rurbans - School of Shepherds

An association to rejuvenate Pyrenean mountainous areas and foster a new generation of shepherds

Key facts and figures

Since 2009:
- 6 classes have completed courses at the School,
- 116 people have been trained to become organic farmers,
- 271 applications to enter the school have been received,
- 91 farmers have participated as tutors
- 64% of those trained go on to become established as organic farmers or shepherds and a further 7% become involved in the primary sector.
- The training course is recognised by the Catalan Department of Agriculture and gives qualified students eligibility for EU young farmers’ subsidies.
- The school offers a comprehensive advisory service to former students with the aim of consolidating their projects.

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Spain / Focus on Catalonia

Associació Rurbans
Vanesa Freixa
Crta. C13 km. 131 . 25594 Rialp

Phone: +34973620977


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