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Romania is a country of peasants, with a long deep history of peasant agriculture and a strong cultural link to the land. This has survived despite the efforts of past empires and communist regimes to destroy it. Today, peasant culture remains the bedrock of the Romanian people in a changing time. Unfortunately, across Romania, land and natural resources have become the object of speculation and massive investment. Regardless of the resource exploited, the lands of small-scale peasant farmers’ are being grabbed and transformed, with far-reaching effects. The purpose of these grabs is multi-layered – agriculture, mining, energy, tourism, water resources, speculation – and the process is weakening rural economies and limiting the access to land for young and future farmers.

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New film: Land for our food
Just released! Our film The Land for our Food is a very concrete introduction to the challenge of land access in Europe and the power of communities.
Rabobank vs. Eastern European peasants: the land grabbing side of EU banking
In this article, Attila Szocs from Eco Ruralis reports about an investigation led by journalist Luke Dale Harris and Sorin Semeniuc about the activities of the Dutch banking giant Rabobank in Romania.

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