Access To Land



Across Europe, organisations are working on facilitating access to land for agro-ecological farming. For some, it is their core activity, for others, it is part of a broader mission. This directory helps to make them more broadly known, to connect them and to show the weath of approaches and tools.

Good practices

Find here short presentations of tens of initiatives which have enabled secure access to land for agroecology. Some are community-based experiences, others are established organisations, others were sparked by a local council, others still started as a social movement.

Case studies

There is a wealth of European experiences which are developing innovative ways of securing access to land for agroecology. These case studies, written by members of the network or collected from partners, aim at providing ideas and inspiration, nurturing emerging experiences, and showing that alternatives are possible.


A growing collection of reports, studies and other informative documents about access to land related topics.

Videos & Webinars

A selection of video presentations, documentaries and webinars about the work of our network members, or on access to land connected issues.

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