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The issues revolving around access to land are discussed in a multitude of reports, studies and papers. They give us deep insight on EU and national contexts, uncover new perspectives and enable us to take objective, fact-based positions. Consider this section your personal library on land related topics. Check back often for new additions!

EIP-AGRI Focus Group Final Report
New entrants into farming
May 2016
This report on new entrants into farming analyses their situation and reviews the main obstacles to enter farming, first of which access to land. It also examines their business models and innovative contribution to farming.
Who will take over the lands from an aging peasant generation?
Farm Succession in Romania
April 2016
This report explores the issue of farm succession in Romania and presents useful schemes showing that the continuance of agroecological peasant farming is a viable solution for our agrarian future.
Sciences for Environment Policy
No net land take by 2050?
April 2016
This reports stresses out the challenges to reach the comission target of ’no net land take by 2050’ into the EU and the numerous tools and solutions that can be implemented to reach this target.
European CSA Research Group
Overview of CSA in Europe
A new report - the first of its kind - reveals that Community Supported Agriculture in Europe is a dynamic movement that feeds almost 1 million eaters with thousands of initiatives operating, many new ones starting every week.
A report from MEP Maria Heubuch
Land rush: Sellout of Europe’s agricultural land
In November 2015, Maria Heubuch, German Member of the European Parliament, published a report on farmland concentration in Europe. It is the first such report by a Member of the European Parliament on the issue.
A report from public land institutions
Evolution of farm structures in Europe: policies, regulation and instruments
In November 2015, the European association of for rural development associations (AEIAR) published a report on the "Evolution of farm structures in Europe: policies, regulation and instruments".
A study looking at the rise of large-scale land deals and land grabbing in the EU
Extent of Farmland Grabbing in the EU
In 2015, at the request of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development (COMAGRI) of the European Parliament, The Transnational Institute (TNI) created a report on the extent of farm land grabbing in the European Union
image par defaut
Farming in the European Union: from organic to sustainable.
An assessment of a legal transition based on land stewardship and participatory guarantee systems
In 2015, RCTCMM, a Spanish environmental NGO, launched a market of products coming from land stewardship agreements certified with participatory guarantee systems, which it views as a sustainable alternative to EU organic certification.
A fact finding mission report by Eco Ruralis
Land Grabbing in Romania
Eco Ruralis unveils the "velvet" side of land grabbing happening in the back yard of the EU. The intersection of farm subsidies, Governmental Plans and Corporate interests push peasants from their lands.
European Economic and Social Committee Report on Land Grabbing in Europe
Land grabbing – a wake-up call for Europe and an imminent threat to family farming
In 2014, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), decided to draw up an own-initiative opinion on land grabbing in the EU.
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